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    Deck Bungies (and sight lines)

    Austin.... this is the Deck Bungie set-up I was talking about in the other post. On my Dauphin Island to New Orleans trek, it really helped me carry all of my gear.
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    First post, First trip

    Austin! Good to have you here. Going from Biscayne to Key West is quite a trek.... but it'll be great. While I was down in Ft Lauderdale, I did a similar "Island Hop", but not quite as far..... and then earlier this year I did a voyage from Dauphin Island to New Orleans along the northern...
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    GREAT WORK FOLKS! Now it's time to look back at who all helped, and who did not. That'll show you who the good guys really are.
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    good work you guys! you folks go to the top of the Good Guys List!
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    First post; need help picking out car to tow Sunfish

    wow HiluL.... I think you put into words exactly what I was thinking. I guess the BIG question is whether or not his Sunfish has a big whale painted on it.
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    Unknown Master.... I certainly understand you on that one. We had to drag our boats some distance too. I can recall spending many an afternoon trying to wrestle a Flying Scott back up Mulholland Drive towards home. Boy. those were the good old days. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, crazy...
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    Tag... GREAT! Now all we need are a bunch more folks like you! In addition to my letter.... I'm headed over to sign the petition right now. OK... I'm back... and I just signed the petition. Maybe it will help.
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    Yikes! I hate to see things like this... bureaucrats arbitrarily taking away something good just because they don't give a hoot. It's happening more and more these days, and we as a people need to put an end to it. Those stupid bureaucrats work for US don't they? This is America... not...
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    Racing Rule Question

    I don't have a link to the rulebook, but I'd say that yes Boat A must make room for Boat B to round the mark..... and if i were on B, I'd deliberatly go straight a little longer than normal.... just to force A off his line even more and mess up his jibe. (he really is in a bad position here)...
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    What knot do you normally use to tie the halyard onto the upper spar...

    Once again, my old-school laziness and/or my land-based upbringing is the cause of some minor embarassment here. I use what is commonly known as a "plain-old-knot" to afix my halyard to the upper spar. BUT since I don't want it to come loose, I put two wraps around the spar first, then tie...
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    Purposely sailing a sunfish in a thunderstorm...

    Hhhmmmm I don't know. If you put a large cable from the base of the mast, down into the water, then the lightning bolt might not kill you. The mast might act like a lightning rod and prevent your zipper from getting zapped. BUT you'd still have to contend with the 50mph+ winds that come...
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    First post; need help picking out car to tow Sunfish

    Gunnar- due to the weight and shape of a Sunfish, you don't want to be towing it with just any old car. You need a vehicle with at least four cylinders, and more than about 20 hp or so. If you are thinking about using a Trabant, a Renault R4, a BMW Isetta, or maybe a Citroen CV2 you might...
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    Getting Back Into the Boat

    I love it over there.... that's where I first learned how to stuff the bow of a Hobie into a wave!
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    The Great North Gulf Coast Sunfish Cruising Society

    Wow! Doesn't THAT sound dramatic?! Actually, there isn't really a Great North Gulf Coast Sunfish Cruising Society.... at least not yet. BUT there appears to be some interest along the Mississippi / Alabama / Panhandle Florida in having some regional non-racing group daysails and/or short...
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    plug for bottom of cockpit in sunfish

    Hoot.... I feel your pain, brother. I don't know about Philly, but along the Northern Gulf Coast it's almost impossible to find new Sunfish parts locally. Most of our local vendors have quit carrying Sunfish parts, citing poor service / long delivery times / lack of support from the...