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    Capri parts for sale

    Parts Available? Assuming that you have sold your parts by now? If not, please let me know what you still have. Thanks
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    Wanted Rudder & Tiller

    Rudder/Tiller Thanks, I will check with them. I will let you know what I find.
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    Wanted Rudder & Tiller

    Desperately need a used rudder and tiller for a 1986 Capri 14.2. I have found a couple places to purchase one for 450.00 to 500.00 but only paid 600.00 for my girl and can't afford that amount. If anyone is parting out a boat, please keep me in mind. I can find a tiller pretty easily but have...
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    Need Rudder and Tiller for 1986 14.2

    Thanks, Thanks, I'll try the number
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    Need Rudder and Tiller for 1986 14.2

    Looking for Rudder and Tiller for my Capri 14.2. Does anyone know of a web site that sells parts? I am also trying to find an owners manual. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Need Rudder, Tiller w/Extension 1986 14.2

    Looking for a rudder and tiller for my 1986 Capri 14.2. I can't find anywhere online to purchase one and since I am in a small town in Colorado a local purchase is not possible. I have also been searching for somewhere to buy a users manual. Will apperciate any help or web addresses that...