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    Hull-deck separation repair

    Since it goes most of the way 'round the boat, you may be tempted to pry the hull and deck further apart, or even separate them completely, in order to get better access to the repair area. DON'T DO IT! This will break the adhesive at the mast step, cockpit, and cockpit drain bonding points...
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    bow line?

    Organizers often put a requirement for a bow-line or painter of a certain minimum length and diameter into the sailing instructions. This is particularly true if they expect to have to tow the boats for convenience or safety reasons.
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    Leaky Mast Step

    Having now done a mast step crack repair and reinforcement, the only thing I can add to what's already been written is that if I had it to do again, I'd go ahead and cut two inspection ports placed so that I could reach/work on the mast step base with both hands at one time. The ease and...
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    New Upgrades proposed by Ed Adams In Sailing World

    So the dude won some watch for sailing in the same year I got married. Big deal. :D
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    Class Rules query- boom/mainsheet strap

    In this context, "nominal" may be read as "about" or "roughly."
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    New Upgrades proposed by Ed Adams In Sailing World

    I just can't imagine obsoleting all those existing hulls by introducing a new hull weight. But I can imagine ultimately switching over to a carbon mast, for two reasons: 1. the existing ones keep bending/breaking. The more you do that, the more you're likely to be in favor of a change. 2...
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    beach dolly attached through rudder gougeons

    Uh, I'm not sure what you mean. I transport my dolly on the road by putting it upside down on the trailered boat, and attaching it at the stern with a small pin permanently mounted on the dolly that fits into the gudgeon. Is that what you meant?
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    Launch Fees or How to Kill a Fleet Without Really Trying?

    Do I think it's petty? Yes. If you asked me "Bullwinkle, should we impose this extra fee to raise a few bucks?" I'd say no, that's not a good idea. Do I think it's likely to raise much money over the season? Nope. Bet they won't be able to account carefully enough to even tell the...
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    bearing buddie install ?

    Yeah, the real need for bearing buddies comes on big boat trailers that also have brakes. The brakes (not the hubs themselves) cause the hubs to become warm or hot. Then immersing a hot hub into cool water causes rapid contraction of the hot air inside the hub cap space and thus the drawing in...
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    Bent trailer axle

    Brute force always works. If it doesn't work, you're not using enough of it. No seriously, you'll need a big clamp/vice, heat, and a big wrench or something to grip above the bend in order to give yourself enough leverage to reverse the bend. If you succeed,you win. If you break it, you'll...
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    Nautical America - Kitty Hawk Trailers stopping production

    I got my new copy of Laser Sailor yesterday, and there's a "Kitty Hawk" ad in it, with a different builder named.
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    Tiller Question

    If it's older and the parts aren't available, you'll just need to tinker with it until you come up with something satisfactory. If you want to order just the urethane universal joint part, it's Ronstan RF3133...
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    Tiller Question

    If I understand you question correctly, you broke the "hand" end of the tiller extension, making it uncomfortable. While you're fixing it, you're wondering if you can replace the "universal joint" end that connects it to the tiller extension. Answer: I know of no way to replace that...
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    Sailing alone safety question

    Actually, on reconsideration, I realized that last time I sailed with the thing, In order to avoid losing it I had the wrist strap looped through the hiking strap in a way that also would have been difficult to undo if inverted.
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    what do yall think

    Wet T-Shirt effect, eh?