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    Laser standard rigging needed; all of it

    I have a standard laser hull with nothing else. please contact me if you have any laser standard rigging. I live in Kansas city, mo 64116 I have a friend in Albequerque, NM that drives a truck to Kansas city a lot, so Im open to anywhere from New Mexico to Denver, Colo, Wichita, ks, to...
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    Two Lasers for the price of one.

    where r u located. I have a good hull with no mast,boom,rudder,keel or I'm looking for a bad boat with good equipment thanks Pat Kansas city 816-645-1388
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    Lots of Laser Parts; Sails-Blades-Spars Etc.

    what makes a sail classs legal???? I have a number or laser sails. One made by Laser with no numbers. It was a practice sail one made by Laser with numbers. #32293 One Elvstrom Laser Canadian made sail with large racing numbers 6240. Is that registered??? I don't race but I understand that...
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    Wanted: Laser Rudder

    I have a wooden rudder. Do you also need the handle???