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    For Sale: 1987 Capri 14.2

    Hi Sorry for the delay. I finally had a day where I could uncover, clean up and take a few photos with the mast up. I've got the boom, rudder etc stored in the garage. If someone is serious about buying and wants a photo or two of something specific, that's fine.
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    For Sale: 1987 Capri 14.2

    Yes The boat is still for sale. I'll get pictures tomorrow (it's been raining here) and post them, or if you prefer, send me yor email and I do it that way too.
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    For Sale:  1987 Capri 14.2

    I've got a pretty nice and complete 87 Capri 14.2 I'd like to sell. Good overall condition. Have a good title for the boat. Probably could use a new halyard and sheet lines. I enjoyed the boat for awhile but I am on to restoring a wooden deadrise skiff so no time for this one. It comes on a...
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    Mast pumping under certain circumstances

    I've experienced the same thing, not only on the C14.2 but other boats I've owned and sailed like Bluejays and Oday 17's. When you sail under the main alone, the mast does rock. The C14.2 is the first boat that I've owned that encourages such a loose shroud rig. The boat is new to me so I will...
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    Kick up rudder - always kicking up...

    Hello I am new here and just purchased a really nice C14.2 for $500.00 complete with trailer. Aside from a few minor things, I am set to go. Anyway, I too have the "kick up" rudder problem. my aluminum was frame is seriously grooved by the "balls" on the rudder. Problem is now solved for less...