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    Only for the young

    Not to worry. I have a spare.
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    Only for the young

    I'm 63 and expect to be sailing my Sunfish for at least 10 more years.
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    6 mph wind

    Sit well forward and very still, watch the trim of your sail constantly, heal a bit to cut through wakes (avoids being pounded to a halt), jibe around rather than come about ( keeps momentum up).
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    Boat Launch / storage

    I keep my Sunfish on a similar dock. It is easy enough to just pull it up onto dock. Nothing abrasive to do any real damage. Goose poop provides lubrication:rolleyes:.
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    Block & Bridle

    I misunderstood what block the OP might be refering to. Thanks for jumping in with the pictures, Danpal.
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    Block & Bridle

    The current, 2 loop bridle has a loop at each end for attachment. Ths allows the bridle to slide across the boat depending on what tack you are on. Previous, 3 loop bridles had an additional loop in the biddle to fasten the sheet to in a fixed position.. No one loop bridles that I know of. A...
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    Block & Bridle

    I have the two loop bridle. I use no block, instead tying the sheet end around the bridle with a small bowline. Nice and simple.
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    Advice needed on various hull repairs

    If there's enough wind to kick up waves and get water in the cockpit, there's enough wind to make the bailer work.
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    6 mph wind

    5 I sail on a large lake in Idaho, and a very light air day a couple of hundred yards from the lake can be glorious out on the water. 5-10 is good for learning or leisurely sailing. Remember that 10 mph has 4 times the energy as 5. Closer to 10 makes it easier for large people to sail as it...
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    New To Trailering

    I tie my bow line so that the boats (I have a two boat rack) don't keep going forward in a hard stop. Hasn't happened yet, I'm happy to say.
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    manual cockpit bailer?

    I find the ball feature to be nearly useless at slow speeds, and use the attached plug. If its windy enough to take on water, it's windy enough for the bailer to work well.
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    Mast and spar holder for trailer

    If yout towing vehicle allows, a sturdy ski rack works great for spars amd sail. I carry 2 sets in a 4 ski rack with ease. Works for skis, too.
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    water temp

    Damn good advice in that article. I was, of course, refering to sailing without a wet or dry suit.