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    Laser - Standard Rig. Boat name is "NOT GUILTY" Gear includes: Hull-1978; 2 mast pieces and 1 boom; creates a regular/full rig. Boom Vang; Cunningham; Outhaul; Main sheet & traveler system. All lines included Fiberglass rudder; Tiller with extension - extension is swiveling for easy...
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    LASER II/2 with TRAILER 1984 HULL # ZFS03172M82E

    Reducing price to $2500
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    LASER II/2 with TRAILER 1984 HULL # ZFS03172M82E

    LASER II WITH A GREAT SHORELAND TRAILER Strong fiberglass hull, mast, boom, rudder and tiller, vang and Cunningham and all ropes, etc Main sail and jib are both rainbow blue. Good Condition. No rips, no tears, no holes Hull fiberglass is strong around the cockpit area. the fiberglass is...
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    Laser standard rigging needed; all of it

    Could you take pictures of all your parts and let me know how much for all of it or how much for individual parts. I have a fedex account and can ground ship 25 pounds for $25.00 So it's very affordable to ship. Or Call me 816-645-1388