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    470 Questions

    There are active 470's that race in the Midwest on a non Olympic level. Regatta's are held at Des Plaines Il, Milwaukee, Wi and Carlyle, Il. They race weekly as a fleet in Des Plaines, Il (5 -10 active boats) Multiple other boats around the Midwest that race in Portsmouth handicap fleets. I...
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    Securing the Main and Jib Halyard

    The jib halyard loop is secured on the highfield lever, bring the halyard up inside of the two bails shown in picture, put the halyard on the lever hook , slide the lever up as high as you can get it by putting your shoulder against the mast and pushing forward, then throw the lever. That looks...
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    Securing the Main and Jib Halyard

    Both halyards should be secured on the mast itself. Looks like you have rope halyards, the original rigging had wire halyards with rope tails. The main was secured by hooking the wire loop at the bottom on a fitting with a series of teeth on the side of the mast. Looks something like this...
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    1973 International Vanguard 470

    Steve Is it possible to scan the manual as a pdf? I would like to add it the to resources on this site. We get many questions from sailors who have obtained older boats on how the rig them, this manual would be useful to answer many of those questions. Bill
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    Reinforcing flotation tanks (deck seating area)

    Can you reach the area(s) to be reinforced via an existing inspection port? If yes remove the port including the outer ring, if not buy a new inspection port and cut the correct size hole. Beware: Foam flotation blocks may be in the way of where you want to reinforce. Use a mirror and flashlight...