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    Installing A Metal Drain Bushing Assembly -Ideas?

    Think I may let the dog sleep.
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    Installing A Metal Drain Bushing Assembly -Ideas?

    Hi - responding to a very old thread. I’m looking at a Laser we just purchased that appears to also have been “upgraded” to the metal drain assy and auto bailer buuuut whoever installed it installed it backwards with the six-sided bit facing the cockpit instead of facing the auto bailer. I’ve...
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    Help with tiller extension bolt

    Couple of thoughts: 1) soak the nut in penetrant and let it do its thing overnight. Don’t cheap out and use WD40, get real penetrant (Liquid wrench, PB blaster or other) 2) Use a well-used Dremel cutting wheel to cut a notch in the head of the bolt as previously suggested. A well used wheel will...