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    Installing A Metal Drain Bushing Assembly -Ideas?

    Think I may let the dog sleep.
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    Installing A Metal Drain Bushing Assembly -Ideas?

    Hi - responding to a very old thread. I’m looking at a Laser we just purchased that appears to also have been “upgraded” to the metal drain assy and auto bailer buuuut whoever installed it installed it backwards with the six-sided bit facing the cockpit instead of facing the auto bailer. I’ve...
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    CANADA Looking for a Laser Trailer

    Hi, I'm looking for a Laser Trailer for a newly acquired boat for my son. Don't foresee much travel over the next few weeks but really am not enjoying the prospect of loading this thing up on the roof again anytime soon. I'm willing to travel for a decent deal. If anyone has any leads, please...
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    Help with tiller extension bolt

    Couple of thoughts: 1) soak the nut in penetrant and let it do its thing overnight. Don’t cheap out and use WD40, get real penetrant (Liquid wrench, PB blaster or other) 2) Use a well-used Dremel cutting wheel to cut a notch in the head of the bolt as previously suggested. A well used wheel will...