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    Sunfish in NE Ohio

    i have an amf hilu and i live in ohio if your interested let me know, my email is
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    AMF Hilu

    thanks for the heads up
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    Re: AMF Hilu

    i have an amf hilu that is in really good condition, only has a couple little nicks but nothing really noticeable that i will gladly sell to you, my email is, email me for pics and what not.
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    AMF Hilu

    thanks for the reply, im thinking about selling because i just dont know anything about sailing and i know there are people out there who are dying to have one of these and i could use a good chunk of change for college lol
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    AMF Hilu

    i have an amf hilu that i am going to sell, i know that these are reare and can be worth quite a bit but i dont know alot about it aside from that, if your interested please email me thanks
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    AMF Hilu

    Hi everyone, I have an AMF Hilu that was in my families possession and i didn't really understand what it was the other day till I started doing some research, according to what I found it is really rare and there are not many left, I also found that it might be worth a good deal of money and...