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    J-24 Parts

    Art, if you could send a photo easily enough, that would be appreciated. You may post it here or send to: r2arch at aol dot com Thanks in advance. I'm in Plymouth so could 'swing by' if it appears it would work/fit for me. I have #3603, a 1982.
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    2014 J/24 Genoa for sale $1000 CAD

    Mike Stasko, sorry to say that I purchased it a few weeks ago; along with the mainsail Mike was offering...
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    2014 J/24 Genoa for sale $1000 CAD

    Mike, please see email sent earlier this week. Robert
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    2012 Mainsail still crispy $750 CAD obo

    Mike, please see email sent earlier this week. Robert
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    J-24 Parts

    Art, I have a circa 1982 J24, #3603, and am looking for a similar year front hatch (current one is a black plastic 'Lewmar' type (not the fiberglass type of earlier models). Let me know when you get a chance. Also, any good sails?
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    Genoa for sale; excellent conditon

    please send pic's to: paytman@aol dot com thanks
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    8 Sails, Faired Rudder, Rigging and More

    Interested in the Genoa's; pix please to paytman@aol dot com
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    Doyle Genoa

    Hi, any delamination between the mylar layers?
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    Parting out my J/24

    Front hatch? Still available?
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    Complete Set of J24 Sails

    May I inquire as to year/age/condition of the genoa/main/spin combo? Though am just looking for a genoa at this time.
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    J/24 Sails

    OK, I'll ask...- how much?
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    Parting out J/24, #21

    Anyone getting any responses to this ad? Am personally looking for a front hatch.
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    Used sails

    Rick, Are you still thinking of keeping the 2005 blade or would you part with it for $400? RR
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    Misc. Sails

    Old post, apparently these have been sold.
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    2009 J24 Z sails - Genoa, Main and Blade

    Wrtaylor, I had emailed this posting and he noted sails were sold some time ago, just hasn't taken down the post. He did note that some North sails will probably be available later this summer.