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    Help with a Scorpion rudder

    The screws holding the spring clip are only a quarter inch long. They are machine threads screwed into holes tapped into the gudgeon. There are separate flat head screws holding the gudgeon to the boat. I think I'm going to sail it as is for a while. Unless I find a good deal on a new style...
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    Help with a Scorpion rudder

    I looked a little closer and took the spring clip off the gudgeon. There was a nylon nut in the middle that kept the rudder from getting close in to the gudgeon. So I removed the nylon nut and bold and bent the spring clip in a little bit. It seems much better but I think I can improve it by...
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    Help with a Scorpion rudder

    Hi I have been lurking for a while since I'm fixing up an old Scorpion (its a sunfish clone). I am attaching a couple pictures of the rudder and where it attaches (gudgeon?). Does this look like all the pieces are there? It attaches with a pin/bolt at the top but then the bottom is very...
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    How do I paint a sunfish?

    Actually I have an old Scorpion (sunfish clone). I want to paint it. What is a good filler for small nicks and scratches? Then what kind of paint should I use. Can I use rust oleum or the marine version? Thanks for any help.
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    Sunfish wanted in NW Illinois

    Looking for a sunfish in North West Illinois. Prefer one in good usable condition.