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    Ease of replacing stays?

    Hi, I have the same vintage boat. It has smaller mast fittings than more modern boats. I took off the old ones and shipped them to West Marine to get them replaced. WM was extremely helpful and turned it around quickly. Go WMs website and contact their rigging shop and talk to them directly...
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    Wanted: J24 Main (not for racing) SUCCESS COMPLETED

    I have a main I can sell for $75 + shipping. It's one that I have used for racing. Interested? I can send pics if you're interested.
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    Wanted: Boom

    I have the hardware from both ends of the boom and the out haul. My old boom broke and I bought a used one, so I have the pieces. You can get the extrusion and build the boom yourself. Respond if you're interested, the gear is cheap.
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    Carbon Fiber Spin Pole- Price Reduced!

    Hi Nick, I tried to call but no answer. Your ad is still up. Is the pole still for sale?
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    Well used sails cheap

    Updated with pictures, see link in the first message
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    Well used sails cheap

    Yes Danny, The sails have plenty of life in them. Sure, I can ship using your UPS# Contact me directly on Best Bengt
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    Well used sails cheap

    The two genoas are the same size, luff 26 ft 4in, leech 24ft 4in, foot 14ft 8in.
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    Well used sails cheap

    I'm in Santa Barbara, CA. I have used it for club racing up until early this year. I bought it used and then I used it for 3 years. No rips in the cloth, windows intact but worn, hanks working fine, leech line working fine to. A little bit discoloration. I can send pictures. Contact me on email...
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    Well used sails cheap

    I have retired sails that would be good for youth programs, practice, cruising, classes etc. They have been used several seasons in club racing, but are in usable condition. Sails from early 2000. Need to clear out my garage and eager to unload them. I've sold three already, two more to go...