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    New to Sunfish

    I ran into the same problem with my sailfish when I redid the wood. On the sideboards I drilled new holes and siliconed the old ones. For the bow handle I drilled out the old screw. Not that bad provided you have a good bit and a decent drill.
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    bow handle

    A new one is about $30 shipped in case no one has one. I just got one!;)
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    Have a spare older style rudder handle fs

    Picked up 2 NOS rudder handles and 1 extension off an ebay auction. I just needed 1 handle and the extension. If anybody has a need for the second handle send me a pm and what you'd wanna pay. It is about 6" longer than the one on my 60s sailfish but I'd suspect should work with any of the...
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    Looking for a sailfish or sunfish vin plate and possibly title if you have one

    The sailfish I picked up had damage to where the vin plate would go and is missing it. Would love to get a PA state fish and boat registration for it but of course they need a vin and the boat needs to be titled. Does anybody have a spare on a parts boat lying around. It would be for a...
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    Looking for a mast

    Thanks! Mast located thanks to the board!:)
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    Looking for a mast

    Just got back into sailing after a 4-5 years away. Wife said I had too many toys and I knew my Sidewinder wouldn't be a good learning boat for the little one. She's now 3 so I guess its time to get her on the water. Picked up a 60s Sailfish that is missing the mast and all the bits that go...