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    WANTED: Laser Rudder

    I'm rehabbing a early 80's Laser and the only part I'm missing is a rudder. I do need a complete rudder and I'm trying to do this on a tight budget. The boat will be for teaching my kids and wife how to sail on so it doesn't need to be in perfect shape. I would prefer to be class legal as all...
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    Full Rig Number 104451 Built Feb 1982

    sail numer is 104451 in Western Massachusetts USA
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    Full Rig Number 104451 Built Feb 1982

    This is a 1982 Laser Sailboat, Full rig. I bought the boat as a rehab project and got it back on the water but with kids I don't have time to finish her up. She is DRY, yes DRY after 4+ hours on the water. I have another race ready boat and not enough time as it is so this one can go to a new...
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    For Sale - LASER

    Tom is the boat still for sale? Can you send any photos and the hull number?