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    Hoisting points/harness

    Bow handle should be plenty strong - who knows about the traveler eyes. Seems like there must be a better way.
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    ISO used Sunfish sailboat

    2001 Sunfish
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    Moving "up"??

    Not sure but I’m thinking I may want your life!!
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    Long time listener, 1st time caller...

    There really is nothing wrong with 71s. Plus if it is still floating not much can be wrong.
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    Sunfish identification number

    That one is a '71. You can see where the old bronze bracket used to be. The new aluminum version is 10 times better.
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    Long time listener, 1st time caller...

    That’s a 71 Sunfish. Repairs like that call for fiberglass cloth and epoxy or polyester resin.
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    Long time listener, 1st time caller...

    Sounds like your boat is a 1970 or 71 - the rudder mounts were different then - what is called “old style.” Nice to have you posting on the board!!
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    Sunfish identification number

    That’s right. Sounds like a mystery!
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    Sunfish identification number

    Twin white stripes on foredeck is 69 or 70. Triple stripes on foredeck only with old bronze rudder is 1971. Triple on foredeck only with aluminum rudder parts is 72. 1971 and prior had either a sticker or metal plaque behind the splashrail with the number. The stickers fell off but metal...
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    Jotag Dolly

    You can type jotag dolly in the search box and find some info.
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    1979 Sunfish restoration

    Turning the boom around should do it. You could also make the lower spar the upper and visa versa.
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    dark spots on gelcoat

    I agree. The boat is 48 years old and has spent a lot of time in the elements and is unlikely to ever look like new again. Someone may have another option, but I strongly suspect that the white is stained, faded and discolored throughout. Not much can be made to look new after 48 years of...
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    Estate Sale Parts

    Force 5 or some other Alcort boat maybe? Also what about the short daggerboard? For Sailfish?
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    Super Sunfish

    W . While you may be right, he’ll have a lot of fun doing this and it might be faster.
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    Deck Repair Suggestions

    The deck is highly unlikely to break unless it is in horrible shape. Duct tape should be enough to avoid getting pinched.