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    How _exactly_ do you rig your JC strap?

    It’s a continuous loop and just is kept in place in front of the interlocking eyebolts by the bungee tension.
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    Is this a scam?

    It’s got to be a scam. Look at her other items for sale. Tons of fishing equipment, massive quantity of auto parts, etc. She’d need a warehouse to stock all this stuff. And it’s all pictures from the manufacturer. I wonder how she decided Sunfish sails were a good scam item?
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    Water - and more! in the hull

    Most squirrels have learned how to open inspection ports.
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    Should I fill my sailfish with foam?

    That’s not the best idea. The foam will add quite a bit of weight. And if water gets in and saturates the foam, it’ll be about impossible to dry it out. I think to glue the boat together you are supposed to use West epoxy and a lot of clamps. I think Signal Charlie has posted some pictures...
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    Sunfish Direct delivery issues?

    You might want to loosen the lower outhaul 2-3 inches. SFD sails tend to be cut flat so loosening it a bit should provide a little more power.
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    Refurbishing 1975 Sunfish

    Just out of curiosity why the port? If there is nothing to fix in the hull, ports are not necessary unless you are installing a hiking strap.
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    Refurbishing 1975 Sunfish

    Google “tiller universal joint” and a bunch like this will come up. Ronstan Tiller Joint Universal I think that one in particular is standard on new Sunfish.
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    Hull to deck.

    Shoot for a 1993 or newer, made by Sunfish Laser, Vanguard or Laser Performance up til 2015 or so. The early rolled edge boats were made by Pearson and not made so well, and 2016 and later boats also have spotty built quality.
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    How not to capsize while learning?

    I cannot agree with the comment above: When a capsize appears imminent, just let go of everything, and the boat will "snap" right up. The problem is if you do end up going over, you can get separated from the boat, which can be a problem if it is windy. Best practice is to hold on to the end...
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    Cracked rudder, repaired by previous owner-how much should I mess with this?

    Is the CF really sitting well above the wood? If so, there may be enough drag and turbulence to make the rudder ineffective on windy days. But maybe it’ll work ok. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
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    Sunfish Graphics

    Isn’t that a Sunfish Laser built boat? They built good boats!
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    Sunfish Graphics

    Those are stickers. They have been on there for 27 years so you may need a really hot heat gun!!! Or else just leave them. That is going to be a lot of stickum to get off the deck. The yellow is the factory gelcoat. Hopefully you don’t want to paint over that. Gelcoat is much more durable...
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    Bridle setup options?

    Polypropylene does not hold up to sunlight very well. I’d stay away from it.
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    How not to capsize while learning?

    If capsizing were the equivalent of death, I’d agree. But capsizing is nothing to fear and basically inconsequential. To each his own!
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    Sunfish Direct delivery issues?

    Sunfish Direct offers official and discount aftermarket sails - thus the lack of a logo. Probably just as well, as LP hasn’t reliably offered boats or parts since 2012 or 2013