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    TEXAS Spars and Race Rudder needed

    Hoping to find a set of spars so I can have a play sail and a racing sail, each on spars. Also looking for a Class-approved fiberglass rudder. Blade-only is fine. Ready to get sailing.
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    Sunfish Dolly on a Trailer

    I found this about a great solution from Dynamic Dollies, but can’t find anything on their site. I assume this is unavailable now?
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    Sunfish Dolly on a Trailer

    Since returning to Sunfish racing after years of keelboats, the biggest change is how we move and launch the boats now. Everyone has dollies, and most racing venues require beach launching. The dolly has become essential. Transporting a dolly along with a boat presents inconvenient challenges...
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    Looking for Suunto K-161 Compass

    Thanks, Hank, I am interested. These are hard to find. Email me at
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    Changing Rudder Pivot Point

    I have always thought the rudder shape and angle should be improved. A more vertical angle and a more elliptical profile would improve performance, and the more vertical angle would reduce wear and tear on both hardware and arms. It would be cool to build an experimental rudder and do some...
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    Racing Watch Recommendation

    I found numerous free Apps for the Apple Watch for sailing timers.
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    Foerster Jens rig?

    In a WOW post Bill Brangiforte mentions using a “Forrester Jens” rig in light air: International Sunfish Class Association Anyone tried this, and maybe have pictures? First time I’ve heard of this.
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    Nautos aluminum Sunfish Tiller anyone try one yet?

    Not only do the wooden tillers bend, but the straps will break after a while. I had one break that cost me an important race, and vowed “never again.” I had a very slight lead on the final weather leg of the last race in a Regional championship. I was tied for third in the overall standings, and...
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    Sunfish produced by Ten Cate Sports

    The boats for the 1981 Sunfish Worlds in Sardinia were provided by Ten Cate. The edge trim on the hull-deck joint was black rubber instead of aluminum. They made a strange sound when boats touched in pre-start maneuvers. Instead of the familiar bumping noise, they squeaked. At Registration we...
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    DFW Sunfish Repair

    I am in southwest Fort Worth, and sailed at Lake Worth S.C. from 1972 until 1987, in Sunfish, Snipes, FDs and trailer-sailers. Sailed at Fort Worth Boat Club from 1983 until 2008, in keelboats, Santana 20s, J-24s, Olsen 30s, JY-15s, Tartan Tens, and a Ranger 28 i owned for many years. In younger...
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    DFW Sunfish Repair

    Thanks! There’s always more to learn in sailing.
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    DFW Sunfish Repair

    So...what is a “brailing line?”
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    Making a Sunfish Wind Indicator

    OK, this is wicked brilliant! No other home brew solution has ever appealed to me, but this is elegant, slick, and sturdy. Well done, good and faithful servant! I was guessing maybe some type of welding or brazing rod, and concerned about weight. Yours is far better, strong but lighter. I will...
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    DFW Sunfish Repair

    What do you need? I own Custom Yacht Services in Fort Worth. I can do fiberglass repairs and have some old and new Sunfish parts. Scott, text me at 817-688-2665.