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    Brass rudder assembly for older sunfish

    Fantastic! Looks like you have exactly the part I need--the one that lays flat on the deck and receives the rudder and pin. Let me have a closer look at the rest of my hardware to determine if I need anything more. Will get back to you within the week, I hope. Thanks so much! Eileen
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    Brass rudder assembly for older sunfish

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find a new to me brass rudder assembly for my 70s era sunfish? It's gotten all banged up and abraded and will no longer hold the rudder in.
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    rudder pin

    I'm looking to replace the rudder pin for the old style rudders. I actually need two of them. I'm told that they're not made any more and I'm wondering if anybody out there might have one or have a lead on one.