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    Different Trailer options

    I have the RightOn and use the Intensity Sails dolly wiht it; the setup works well, though it is best suited for Seitech/Dynamic dollies on the trailer for stability. My thoughts are: - Kitty Hawk/Trailex is more stable but can make for greater launching difficulties. The degree of difficulty...
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    Laser mast step possible leak

    After looking at the pictures, it appears that Lali is right, there is a crack in the step. There are ways to repair this I am sure, but it does demonstrate the the mast step is not strong enough to be 100% bulletproof for sailing in all conditions. You could probably cut a hole in the deck...
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    Bailer repair

    That is a painful situation, but not impossible. I would not try to punch it through, you will almost certainly damage the surrounding gelcoat and fiberglass. I honestly am not sure, but maybe try getting a super sharp and tough drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw shaft is and...
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    Mooring a Laser

    I have 0 experience with this but my initial thoughts are: - Do not moor the boat by the bow eye alone, it may not be strong enough to hold the boat during high winds/chop (even small chop on a 350 acre lake) - Make sure your boat really has 0 leaks (maybe leave it in for a few days and check...
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    Rounding the leeward mark?

    Right, the scenario is 10 knots, and I am not talking about capsizing, I am talking about blade stall/unnecessary helm drag in general. Having a bit of board up can help reduce or prevent unwanted drag and general boat balance. My point is that it is a judgment call based on the situation...
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    Rounding the leeward mark?

    I think it depends on the conditions. If you're in light to medium breeze and flat water, having the board down slightly early probably will not affect your gybe as heavily. Conversely, if you're in choppy, heavy wind, you are more likely to "trip" or stall the board/rudder on your gybe, so it...
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    How to reinstall the traveler cleat?

    Toggle bolts would leave you with unnecessarily large holes that would also need a lot of sealant, but would almost certainly result in a potential leak area. Option 1: use a thick epoxy (west system with colloidal silica mixed in or something like west system six-10 would work) and add...
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    Looking for a new Dolly trailer for Laser

    I have also heard of Kitty Hawk and Trailex making Laser trailers. No idea if either ship to Puerto Rico, good luck!
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    Bunk/Rail locations for deck-down trailering.

    Across the boat, with a lot of padding. Ideally, you want the bunks to be as close to/on top of the aft end of the cockpit and the mast step. That's where most of the structure is.
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    Bottom compound and wax

    Fast Finish - International Lightning Class Association Not the article I am thinking of but here are some statements from pro sailors here in the US about bottom finish.
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    Bottom compound and wax

    I read an article a couple of years back that involved Lightning sailboats and a hydrodynamics study re: what finish is fastest. The study determined that, for the first day or two, a 500 grit, wet sanded and unpolished finish is the fastest, however, its performance quickly degrades as dirt...
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    Bottom compound and wax

    I have used Eelsnot boat therapy. Sticks around for up to 2 years (in my experience) and can be applied by hand. It's even kind to the environment as well. Eelsnot Boat Therapy 20oz
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    It's basically a standard Harbor Freight low-weight utility trailer with U-shaped brackets bolted on the top of the aftmost cross-member. There are also two rollers up the middle that you use to roll the boat/dolly up onto, and then a bow bracket that fits the dolly handle nicely. I have one...
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    Is this a good deal?

    @beldar It being a late1980s boat it is unlikely that it has an M rig. Most likely a Radial or homemade cut-down job. I do not think M's were produced/that popular in the late 1980s, however, someone else here probably knows exactly when the M's were discontinued.
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    Jotag Dolly bow rest

    You bet it's old, I have to admit for the money paid it still does the job as well as one could ask for. It's probably getting close to 10 years old by now. Other than the rubber it's still working like it did when it was new, I'll check out the new website!