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    Quantum Genoa, Main and Spinnaker, Only used 3x

    2017 Quantum Genoa, Main and Spinnaker. Purchased fall 2017. Used at only 3 regattas, mostly light to medium air. Rinsed and stored in an air conditioned space after each use. Excellent condition and still ready to race at the top of the fleet. Buyer pays shipping. Genoa: $1640 Main: $1310...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Looks like the rules are up. March 2016, Velocitek Pro Start is legal. Thanks J24 class, you just cost each one of us $600.
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    Mast butt adjuster

    I respectifully disagree. Put the turnbuckle forward and attach it to the I beam. I would not use the plywood bulkhead for the end of my adjuster.
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    Winch Pads, Clear Air Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber Winch Pads. New. Drilled for Harken winches, will probably fit other winches as well. Retail cost is $300. $250 plus shipping. These things are sweet. New: Ron Medlin 919-922-5002
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    Getting a boat measured

    Reed, Welcome to the world of J24s. I hope you get a boat and get started in class racing. You will never have more fun and hang around better folks than you find in the J24. As for your questions. Rebuilding the sump in a J24 is pretty standard and is legal, most of the time. Most older...
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    GPS devices like ProStart

    As the proposed rule is written, it appears the ProStart will still be illegal after ratification.
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Tim, As I read the wording of the updated compass rule, it looks like the Velocitek Pro Start is illegal, because of the distance to line feature. Do you guys read it the same way? Ron Medlin
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    North Main and Genoa, 1 regatta.

    North DX-7TT Genoa, new August 2014 North Fat Head Main, new August 2014 Used only one regatta. $ 3,275 for both or: $1800 for just the Genoa That is over 25% off the retail price for sails that have only been used once. Ron Medlin USA 1829, BASH 919-922-5002.
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    J/24 Sail Measurements

    Tom, To answer your question, the demisions are here: However, if I were you, I would not buy non One-design sails for a J24. I would purchase used sails from the equipment section of this forum. J24 sailshapes are very boat specific, a genoa...
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    2010 North 3DL Newport Genoa

    Sold. Thanks for your interest.
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    2010 North 3DL Newport Genoa

    Still for sale. Price now $950. Great sail and a great price.
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    2010 North 3DL Newport Genoa

    2010 North Newport 3DL genoa for sale. I have only used this sail for a total of 14 days. This sail has been rinsed with fresh water, rolled and stored in a air conditioned space after each use. It is in great shape and is still a regatta quality sail. This sail retails for $2345. I am...
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    Hiking pants

    I had the same problem and sent them back. The power pads suck. I'll stick with the SEA 3/4 airprene. If it ain't broke, don't fixi it.
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    Harken clew sleeve !!! has a bungee with a hook that works perfectly.
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    Paint Laser Hull Pink

    How about going with Interlux 2 part paint and mixing red and white?