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    Value this capri

    catalina omega This looks like a Catalina Omega. If they are marked the same as the 14.2 you should find the manufacturer date on the exterior of the transom on the right side near the gunwale. The last two digits I believe represent the year. These seem to be running around $700 to $1000 for a...
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    Parting Out Capri

    furler Would a furler happen to be included as an item you are parting out?? Thanks
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    Wanted:  Jib and furler

    Looking for a furler setup for a 14.2, noothing fancy just operational......
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    VC bottom prep You will find that the "Search" option at the top of the page will give you many of the answers you ask for. If you search "bottom paint" or a simular search word you will get quite an assortment of solutions......Good luck in your quest....
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    1987 manufacturer I'm thinking it was Catalina. If you research some of the past post, searching through the forum topics, you will find a wealth of knowledge including the history of the Capri line. Be prepared to spend some time though as reading these can be addictive :-)
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    Serial number Rayhas, I dont know if this is correct or not but it just so happens that the last two digits of the serial number stamped into the outside upper right corner of my transom happens to also be the year it was made (86). There may be something there, I'm not sure.
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    Capri parts for sale

    furler Do you perhaps have a furler??
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    Wanted:  furler for 14.2 or working alternate

    Looking for jib furler that will work on a 14.2
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    Capri 14.2 vs. Lido 14

    Lido vs Capri When I picked up my '86 14.2 earlier this year, I had my brother in law go with me on my maiden cruise. Being a very able small craft sailor I thought it apt that he help rig and pilot the Capri through its courses including a capsize drill. The boat of choice that he sails twice...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    Capri 1986 manual So thats what my rigging is supposed to look like:-) Thanks for the file it will help my newbies (grandchildren) learn the "ropes" of sailing.....
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    Question on Reefing (Reducing Main Sail)

    reefing The diagrams on Sailrite's website for the Jiffy Reefing Kit are pretty small and hard to read. If you contact Matt at Sailrite he can send you full page diagrams that are very descriptive..... The instructions in the kit gives you suggested locations for your reef points. This is his...
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    Bon voyage

    Happy sailing Jason and may a warm wind always be at your back.........
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    Painting the bottom

    The boat I purchased was used in salt water around Long Beach. I believe it was pulled from the water after each use and parked on it's trailer at the Yacht club. The bottom is painted blue and that has all but completely chipped off. Under the blue paint is a silver finish which i'm not sure...
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    gelcoat cracking

    Thanks for the info Solarfry. Wow if that works what an easy fix. I imagine that with paint on gelcoat, the exterior maintenance upkeep might be a little more work ?? How did you prep the nonskid surface for painting??
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    gelcoat cracking

    cracked gelcoat Thanks Jim, thats some sage advice. They are "stiff cracks" like you mentioned. I'm thinking that a couple coats of wax will be the best protection that I can render at this time.