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    '84 AMF Sunfish with bad deck

    are those screws or rivets holding the deck edges together ? I have a '63 who's stern was nearly that bad... took a few attempts to make supports under the deck to hold the repairs... West epoxy can be your friend.
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    picture, if you will, a 2nd crew member, who looks a bit like my son Ben, in the air ABOVE this sailer.... sudden onset of a thunderstorm, just minutes before making landfall on the north side of the Saint John river, Ben & I achieved flight speed and caused quite a ruccus amongst the local...
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    Sometimes, between teenagers testing the limits and gravity, the repairs add up to the point where a a paint job is a serious option... Epoxy can be a reasonable compromise in terms of effort & cost on an older boat. My 5229 has had some serious issues at the stern, being rebuilt twice with...
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    How to spoil your wife...tow her in a kayak!

    Saint John River in downtown Freddy Beach.... quaint fishing boat has its motor quit downriver from the docks... we towed it back, against the current, with a 1963 Sunfish - original sail. One year later, new sail with hull # 5229... some kids steal a three wheel ATV & ride it off the...
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    Transport Sunfish

    a 1963 Sunfish #5229 at just 150#s will fit nicely inside a 2009 Ford Escape with the beach dollie strapped tigghtly to the bottom.... this is useless information since I was hit from behind, totalling the Escape... I now have an Equinox with no roof rack ! NOTHING fits inside it.... the rudder...
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    Old style rudder pop

    I've had exactly this problem , verticle alignment of the rudder was slightly to port & would pop on that tack like clockwork. Finally found a fab shop willing to work on brass. Heating & pressing the the plate was not very successful, but brazing the pin holes for the rudder & redrilling a true...
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    Cockpit Re-entry after capsize

    My '62 'fish has a small hook at the front of the cockpit (sometimes used to take the extra strain off the main sheet) plus a fairly long painter tied to the bow handle. While teaching my two lads on capsize recovery, we found that bringing the painter back along the deck, one loop around the...
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    Sea Dogs: Who has one? or more than one!

    this is Zoe (with Ben driving) She's a fearless sailor, but hates the water :(
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    Using a Sunfish Bailer on a Different Boat

    I have been planning the fall up-grades to my Man-O-War in exactly this fashion. The original bailer from Chrysler was an attrocious design & lets in more than it lets out. I have sealed it up with a marine caulk & plan to replace it with a Sunfish bailer. The hull on the Chrysler is one...
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    Bent Spar

    Try your local Metal Fabrication Shop... TEK Steel was very kind to straighten both the upper & lower gaffs for me, using industrial pipe bending kit. Beats the heck out of using a local tree trunk or flipping the gaffs & hoping wind in the sail will bring 'em back in line. :D
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    Mast specifics

    I've "lost" the bottom cap... can you give some details on how you whipped up your caps from pvc ? :confused:
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    Traveler/bridle preference?

    no, my poor attempt to replace the existing and very frayed wire traveler after repainting the deck, it didn't go so well. I used aluminum clinch devices to hold the wire and they didn't do the job. I repaired on the lake after the 1st break with the bow line, repaired the wire back on shore...
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    Traveler/bridle preference?

    Does anyone use a pully/block on the traveler (the loopless one ) or does the main sheet clip slide smoothly enough along the rope/wire ? At this point I have a wire with loop and a loopless rope backup as the wire has snapped twice... I am tempted to ditch the wire all together :cool:
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    Rudder lifespan

    1962, a mahogany rudder is added to a fresh Sunfish.... over the years its dragged in the rocks, dried out, varnished, cracked & repaired and soldiered on for longer than I've been alive ! Until last Saturday... Ben had the new sail up in 27 Km/h breeze and big, rolling waves on the head pond...
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    Options for a soggy fish.

    1962 sunfish, quite wet from several punctures through the hull near the rudder. Inspection port (just the 1 ) located between the center board & the splashguard. A long fat hose from a shop vac inserted down the hull fore & aft to suck out all the loose bonding foam, broken fibreglass & crap...