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    2009 Vanguard Sunfish Sailboat

    Yes it is
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    NEW YORK 2009 Vanguard Sunfish Sailboat

    14ft Vanguard Sunfish sailboat. This Sunfish is in great shape and shines nicely. It is light weight, clean and quick on the water. The Sunfish is a great entry to sailing and sets up in 5 minutes. Very fun to use. Comes with all parts and lines, official North sail and dual fiberglass...
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    NEW YORK 2002 Racing Sunfish (Vanguard)

    2002 Racing Sunfish sailboat. Clean, light weight and ready for use. Hull has a nice shine and has been stored indoors when not in use. No patches. Bottom is clean. Race equipped with North race sail and rigging, hiking strap, fiberglass daggerboard and wood rudder. All parts and lines included.