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    Laser 2 for sale $1500

    It does have all the sails but does not come with a harness. Please call me at 843-693-383one for more info.
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    Laser 2 for sale $1500

    Can you give me a call at (843) 693-3831 so we can talk about it in person.
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    Laser 2 for sale $1500

    Good blast around/trainer boat. Rigged and ready for use with spinnaker and trapeze.
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    2005 Laser Pro - $2900

    Is the boat still available? If so can you let me know at (843) 693 - 3831. Thanks!
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    2002 Laser Full Rig Charleston SC, #176080

    Is the boat still for sail? Please contact me at (843) 693 - 3831 if it still is.