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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Hey Maljam Wheres Carcoar Dam ????? I have been told about sailing at Keepit cool sailing regatta at Keepit Dam so we are going to do that for something differen to do for the winter season. What do you blokes do out there? Would it worth bring out some of our boys for a race? Deepending...
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    I now own a Laser!--cold water question

    Have alook at There stuff is light and we sweet wearing it in winter.
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    painting my boat

    My 2 cents, Clean your boat up, Polish and wax it then see where your at. For deep scratches, repair only that area with gell coat and wet and dry with the lightest grade of paper known to man. Remember that any hull repair adds weight and de values you boat, so try to keep it small. Also if...
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    What year is my boat?
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    What year is my boat?
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    Aussie spars and blades
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    Anyone recommend a good US Laser shop?

    Looking for a good well known US Laser shop to order new sails through and ship to Aus. Any help would be great. Cheers
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    Haarstick sails

    It's a 3.8oz sail. and I will get back to you all on the sail comparison. I went out today for a blast as the westerly is still blowing from Saturday. I used my normal sail and could not get the same response out of it. Next weekend I'll set up the new sail and give it a go.
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    Haarstick sails

    I have been away from the racing for a while due to surgery. I returned on the weekend forgetting just about everything including all three sails and batterns. Anyway my old man through me this old sail that looked like it was falling apart, stained and dirty. 1985 or 22 years old from a...
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    Carbon Fibre Top sections???

    Haa yeah, I'm not upset...Don't get me wrong. I'm just wondering thats all.
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    Carbon Fibre Top sections???

    Carbon Fibre Top sections??? Has this idea been voted in? Is this now leagal? How much are they going to be? Does anyone know? I sore 4 of them on the weekend being delevered. My only thought is this, if we are trying to reduce the effect on breaking sections is one thing (So long as...
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    Rig tuning, a Refresher?

    Yeah I have an eye sight thing which sometimes makes it alittle hard to see what they are doing, the worst thing is trying to see the marks, anyway that won't stop me.
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    Tell tales...Put them where?

    Yeah thats where i have them set up on one of my sails to
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    First sail

    I have'nt seen a laser sail that colourful in years!!!
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    Rig tuning, a Refresher?

    Yeah cheers, It looks like its going to be around the same conditions this weekend so I shall put it to the test again.