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    laser parts, sails, blades, spars and accesories for sale

    I need a radial lower section. please email me at
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    Spars for SALE

    Do you still have radial bottom sections? email Thanks.
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    1980s Laser with Dolly and Covers $799

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    1980s Laser with Dolly and Covers $799

    I'm interested in just the dolly. If you find someone who wants just the boat, let me know.
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    For sale- everything except a hull!

    I am very interested in that radial lower section, and possibly the sail. email me at
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    Need Radial botton section

    I am looking for a used radial bottom section. please email with any than are in VT, NH, MA, ME, or upstate NY. Would also consider paying shipping costs of one that is further away.
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    Trailer Wanted

    I picked up a trailer last weekend. Thank you anyway though.
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    Trailer Wanted

    Used Trailer wanted. Please email if you are in VT, NH, ME, MA, or CT and are looking to sell yours.
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    Old Laser wanted

    Old laser in good condition wanted for recreational use.