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    1979 Laser

    This boat has been sold.
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    1979 Laser

    1979 Yellow laser for sale. Asking $900.00 Good condition, not a fast boat but a good boat. Comes with Storm Deck Cover, blades,blade bag and tiller. No spars or sail. Upgraded to new rigging. If you are interested please email me Cheers Mark A.
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    Auto bailer question

    You will need to replace the rubber bands in the bailer. It's a bit of a pain. Vangaurd sells a replacement kit, but frankly I think it's way to expencive for basiclly 2 rubber bands. What I suggest is to take the bailer off, check to see if the bands have broken or just came off. If you...
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    Need a Dolly

    I'm looking for a used Laser dolly. If you have one for sale please let me know at Thanks! Mark
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    Sailing video camera

    It most likely something call a "pen camera". It's just as it sounds a small pen like camera attached to a long cable. That cable attaches to some sort of recording device. Most likely a Sony Clamshell. This can be rented from any pro video shop for a resonable price. Cheers Mark
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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    UPDATE ON THESE BOATS!!! Both are still for sale, BUT the one without deck damage does have a mast step leak. So we are now selling this hull only for $700.00. It does need some TLC, but could be made into a good boat with some work. The other Hull is still up for $300.00 Contact me at...
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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    I don't think I recieved one from you. I have gotten a few. Please send again to
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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    Here are the pix!
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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    2 1993 Laser for sale!!! 1st one is Hull only, has some major deck damage. See attached pictures. (it's the one against the building). Hull is good, selling this one for $300.00 The 2nd one is in ok condition. Deck is a little soft, but very sail-able. Great starter boat. Older sytle...
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    used hull

    If it's just the hull and you don't care about the deck I might have one for ya. But it's in Toronto.
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    Look'n for a Laser

    I am looking for a used laser (pro rig) only a few years old. Perferably within 2 hours of the GTA. If you have one please PM me. Thanks Mark
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    Link works fine in my Mac Rob...Maybe you should use the mac somewhere far away from that PC you have hanging around. HEHE :) But all links are good for me Cheers Mark
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    How much do you sail

    I wish I didn't have to work every day so I could sail for hours every day!!!! Anyone out there want to pay my mortage for me so I can sail more???? :) Cheers Mark
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    Toronto Regatta Reminder

    Hey all Toronto Laser sailors Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday is the 3rd Annual J-town Good Friends Regatta. See the link Hope to see ya there!! Cheers Mark
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    Police and Safety Requirements

    In Toronto, I know the cops will get ya if you don't have a paddle while in the inner Harbour, cause of the lakers and farries that go threw. Like a paddle will help if a 60 foot lake freighter is coming at ya. But I was told that the cops here are terrified of sail boats cause they never what...