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    want a laser that i can repair, cheap price

    Yes sorry my mistake i meant New England. Do u have any pictures of this boat?? how much do u want for it??
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    want a laser that i can repair, cheap price

    a old laser that needs fiberglass work in england!
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    Laser Wanted in New England

    how does rhode island sound
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    WTB: radail practice sail

    willing to spend up 75 dollars for a practice radail sail... dont care of the condition as long as it isnt ripped... call 401 3747521
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    Sunfish on Ebay?

    You should go to or look at a yacht club they have boats that were abandoned and you can offer them like 100 dollars for one. sometimes yacht clubs give away repairable ones for free.
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    WTB: a radial sail new

    email me @
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    Can a daggerboard be fixed?

    thank you i will try that
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    Laser Sail

    ok well i hope you have a good look for your sail :)
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    Full rig sail only

    it has only been used 4 times
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    Can a daggerboard be fixed?

    I will look for some of that stuff in walmart next time i am there thank you
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    Full rig sail only

    A very good condition full sail for 300$ email for more details
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    Laser Sail

    i have a sail thats not quite brand new but it is in very good condition for 300
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    Can a daggerboard be fixed?

    I was Hyannis regetta 2004 and I went to draine the boat and the center board was on top and it feel and snapped the back corner off. Is it possible to fix that?
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    Radial Sail - NEW

    IS it still avaible?
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    Wanted - Standard Laser 1 Sail in good condition.

    I have A full sail almost new! and it would come with a bottom mast section! FOR $300