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    Title & Registration in MI?

    Thanks Xerexes. Real reason for my question was that I was purchasing a boat in MI and exporting it to Canada. I spoke to customs about a week in advance to understand what was required export a Laser. Recieved the standard Title and/or Registration, Bill of Sale, Copy of On-line add (optional...
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    Title & Registration in MI?

    Thanks all!
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    Title & Registration in MI?

    Do you need to title or register a Laser in Michigan. Looking to buy and want to know law. DMV site is a bit vague on boats under 16 ft. - thanks
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    1982 laser, standard rig and radial rig, seitech dolly

    If willing to sell raidial rig seperate, what would you want for std. Rig and rest of boat. Can you send Pic's to Thanks.
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    Laser wanted - used good condition

    Looking for a good used Laser for club racing & fun with or w/o trailer in Michigan or surrounding states.