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    Help I need a part ASAP or I'm done for the season!

    like everyone else I'm not very clear on what part you are talking about. kinda sounds like the gudgeon bracket. here is a link to many sunfish parts the gudgeon bracket is under the "hull and deck" section.
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    trap harnesses

    I have no experience trapezing off a mono haul but i have been trapezing on a hobie cat for a few years. I bought a hobie harness right off the bat and didn't consider any other harnesses. after seeing the gill ones I regretted my choice. heres a link to lots of good harnesses...
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    Laser training videos

    I thought I was a good sailor until I watched these videos. thanks Jon for all the helpful tips. You can sure as bet I'll be using them next time I sail.
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    teenager sailing standard laser

    I'm 17 and only 130 lbs and I have sail a standard rig laser all the time. The heaviest wind speeds I've sailed in have probably been around 15 knots and I did just fine. I have only been sailing by myself for the past 2 or 3 years so I only have minimal experience under my belt especially with...