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    Let's Talk Trailers

    When NorCalSail was inquiring about trailers I took a photo of the trailer I got with my Laser, measured it and labelled the photo. I included that photo below. My Sunfish trailer is almost exactly the same dimensions as my Laser trailer. The positions of the winch stand up by the bow as well...
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    Main sheet cleat that locks in

    How very interesting. A cam cleat that releases when you pull down on it a second time. - Andy
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    Main sheet cleat that locks in

    That's the block and cam cleat combo I have on my two Sunfish. You flip the cam cleat on it so it's facing upwards. Here's a link to a previous post I did on this Harken block. Tiller tamer and ratchet block? - Andy
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    New to me Sunfish hulls

    That WAS a great video from LaserPerformance. I sure could have used that, "Gelcoat Putty" trick when I had to fix a good sized, crappy repair on the bow of my Laser that a previous owner had done. I had to do multiple applications of gelcoat with a brush followed by multiple sandings to get...
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    Here's my post from a thread not too long ago about re-attaching those blocks with expanding foam. Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish? - Andy
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    Greater purchase on the main sheet

    Here's a link to my post of the block I have on my Sunfish that has a cleat built in. - Andy
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    Sticky Interior

    Never mind the black mast. I think those "Laser Laser Laser" stickers would look great on your boat! The only problem might be that all your sponsors might get mad. :cool: - Andy
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    attaching a new sail

    Exact same set up I got from SailRite. - Andy
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    Laser 2

    Yup, that's pretty much what I was doing with my 470 when sailing it single handed. Here's the sequence of getting going as I remember them when you are by yourself. - With only the leech of the main filled and the rest of the main luffing, set the jib for whatever point of sail you are going...
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    New Project Questions

    Ha, I love it! - Andy
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    Sunfish Daggerboard Floats Away

    That is a great idea. That may allow me to switch from loop sided velcro to carpet. - Andy
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    Sunfish Daggerboard Floats Away

    A good way to test if you're fairly close to the right thickness of material (carpet, loop sided velcro, etc.) is to first cut 8 pieces that are just 2 inches long, glue them in place about a quarter of the way towards the center of the daggerboard case from each corner then test the fit with...
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    Video: It Got Really Windy

    Hooking back up with you at the end of the trip and blasting along that final windy stretch before arriving at the cove at Marconi's was a highlight for me on Saturday. I really like the footage I got of you abeam and upwind of me as you planed along in the afternoon lighting with the fog cloud...
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    58 Mile Trip

    Great video! Amazing trip. I liked how you came ashore. Like a jet ski. - Andy
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    Sail and Setup

    That's the exact Ronstan extension I have. I liked the first one I got so much I got 3 more. 2 for each of my Lasers and 2 for each of my Sunfish. - Andy