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    Four hull Laser trailer

    I have a great condition trailer which can hold up to 4 lasers, or 8 optis, or even a bunch of DN's on the way out west. It was made by Triad Trailers. I replaced the hubs and tires when I rejuvenated it a few years ago. The 6 inch tubes can hold the spars, with additional room on the tube...
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    Does this boat have the upgrades (cunningham, vang, etc?) I'm from NY, but will likely be going...

    Does this boat have the upgrades (cunningham, vang, etc?) I'm from NY, but will likely be going through your area soon.
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    antal low friction rings

    has anyone tried these, and would they be class legal? They can come with a pre-spliced tail which would be good for the blocks at the goose-neck, etc. A little expensive with the tail, but it's possible to just buy the ring.
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    Laser Demo Day at Miniscongo Yacht Club, June 8th also with SB3

    Miniscongo Yacht Club is located on the Hudson River in Stony Point, NY, on the northern end of Haverstraw Bay. It has great sailing and a protected harbor to launch. Sunday 8th June 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Minisceongo Yacht Club v 2 Lasers & a SB3 Sport-boat available for Test...
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    Anyone know a whole lot about iceboating???

    If you are in the east, try the new england site: Eastern Mass is a hotbed. Burlington, VT early and late in the season. Older boats can give you a ride; they routinely take 2. when the Hudson freezes, it's fun to watch too. up north...
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    Laser sailing in New Hampshire

    I raced a Comet years ago on Spofford Lake. I don't know if they race lasers, but they had a good club, with a nice swimming beach. Andy
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    Laser run over by tour boat

    We all need to be aware that small sailboats are not easy to see from a commercial vessel. I'm not defending the captain by any means, just stating a fact. Don't assume "that tug" can see you, even if you are in a 30' boat. Also, don't assume that they can avoid you. Andy
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    80's laser for sale

    The boat has been sold
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    Sailing laser in NY?

    OK. There is an active group at the Nyack Boat club. Do a search and go to their web site etc. By public transportation, take the train to Tarrytown, and a cab or bus across the river. You could keep a car a the Palisades Mall, which isn't far. ( I know there is a bus from Tarrytown to there)...
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    1986 Laser hull- Fast

    How did you crack the mast step? Did you flip, and the mast came out a bit?
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    80's laser for sale

    I have a yellow laser for sale. I'm asking $650. It's in decent shape. The appearance is good and the gelcoat still shines. The mast step has been re-inforced. I've used the boat in strong winds, so it's solid. It does not leak. It's got the standard rig and hardware. The deck is a little soft...