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    Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

    If anybody needs any of these sails, please send me an email @

    I have several what is your budget?

    I have several what is your budget?

    Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

    The mains do not have reef points. The storm is an actual storm jib made by north.

    Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

    New pricing... $300 for both mains (have one sausage bag) $100.00 for the Dacron Genoa $100 for the Storm jib (with bag) $75 for the spinnaker (with bag)

    Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

    I sent you an email with pictures.

    Cleaning out North sail inventory in garage

    Looking for some practice sails? I have older 2 mains (one does not have battens), storm jib (looks almost new), standard jib, spinnaker and Dacron Genoa. They all have a J/24 stamp on them and in good shape (windows are clean and not creased and no tears). I cannot comment on sail shape...

    Bent t-bolt

    I noticed the "t-bolt" is slightly bent (part that attaches to the chain plate) adn ordered a new one from Vella Sailing supply. The new one is about 1/2 inch shorter. I also called Waterline and there is the same size, Any advice? Thanks! for your insight!

    Prep below the waterline

    Looking for opinions. I used Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax (spray on) for my car and the water just beads off - great stuff! I was think how would this work on the hull. I have always been told not to wax below the waterline because the water can adhere to some waxes and slow performance, but...


    Mike, My experience is get a motor that will get you around in your home waters. I have a 2.3 hp long shaft and it gets me around just fine (I sail in a lake -flat water). I do think anything over 3.5hp will get heavy taking on and off the stern. Stick with the long shaft and you will be...

    J24 Rigging Guide

    Here is a good place to start. Everyone has an opinion on this and it is more a personal choice mixing with what has historically worked best. Look at other 24's and see how the top performers are set up in your area.

    Paint Sprayer

    Any recommendations for a paint sprayer. I am going to spray VC 17 on the bottom and I have an air compressor but do not know the advantages/disadvantages of gravity vs siphon spray gun. I would like to hear from someone who has experience with this.

    Replacing old spinnaker sheaves

    I would try Waterline and Hall Spars. Both of them have been very helpful with part sourcing.

    Wanted: Sliding doors and cushions

    I have an extra one in my garage good shape. Not sure why it came with he boat, but let me know if you are interested call/text (678)595-9215

    Keel Bolts

    Does anyone know what the Ft/Lbs should be for the keel bolts. I do not want to over torque them.