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    Minifish II - Looking for rigging advice

    Hey James A. I just got a minifish that seems pretty complete except the bottom section of the mast. I might try to fabricate out of aluminum, would you be able to measure the length? Also does it have any sort of collar where it meets the boat? I know I'll need to install a plastic cap...
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    Minifish sail

    Hey I know this is an old thread but I just aquired a minifish 2 but it's missing the lower mast :( would I be able to cut down a sunfish mast to the right length. my other option was to custom make one from some 6061 aluminum ... any thoughts?
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    Minifish II sloop rig

    hey pcaspery, I just got a minifish ii and think I have rigging figured out but realized I'm missing the lower mast. I might try to make one or cut down a sunfish mast. could you tell me what the overall length and dia. the lower mast is?
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    Super sunfish

    Where are you located? I just aquired a minifish 2 (cat rigged) but its missing the lower mast... thinking about finding a super sunfish lower (or entire mast) but wasn't sure if the dimensions were the same... does it look like your minifish required any deck mods to take the superfish mast?