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    Weight of a SF

    Weighed the boat tonight..not sure how accurate..I turned the boat on its side and put two small pieces of wood on a scale covered with a towel and balanced the boat. It fluctuated between 125 and 128. Seems pretty good for a 13 yr old SF.
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    Weight of a SF

    I have a 13 yr old worlds boat which I am going to weigh this weekend. The boat is in good shape but I am curious to know the weight. Does anyone know what a newer SF should weigh?
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    Sail Number Size

    Buying new sail for first time in six years. Thought I read somewhere that the sail # size is different now. You no longer buy them from the class site but cannot find any info. Does anyone know the new sail # size?
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    Age of Sail

    Is there any marking on a racing sail which gives the age? No idea how old it is but it is no longer crisp and feels like it has stretched out over the years and my boat speed is just not the same anymore. Thinking of getting a new sail.
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    Stained hull

    Raced for the first time this yr last weekend. After packing the boat up on Sunday I was stunned to see that the hull and sides had a light yellow stain over 50% of the boat! Any idea how to clean this and still keep the hull slick?
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    Rudder Refinish

    I did complete the refinish on the rudder blade. It looks good but the varnish finish does not leave a slick feel like the fiberglass blade. Is there a product to put over the dried varnish which will leave a slick feel other than spraying with McLube? McLube does leave a slick finish.
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    Rudder Refinish

    I still sail with the wooden rudder because I am to cheap to buy the new fiberglass blade. It is 11 yrs old and starting show wear. I keep it slick with McLube but the varnish has worn off the edges and it is down to the wood. What is the best way to refinish the blade and what product will give...
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    New Halyard Rule

    Just read that you can now use 2 halyards plus a Jens. Does anyone have some pictures of a 2 halyard setup? What would be the best method to attach the second halyard to form the Jens?
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    Wooden Rudder Paint

    I still race with a 10 yr old wooden rudder because I am to cheap to buy one of the new fiberglass blades. I do OK in regattas and the blade is in decent shape. Is there a type of paint or graphite I can put on the blade to give it a good hard slick surface and still be class legal?
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    Jens rig pointing issue

    Last weekend I sailed in a regatta with winds 18-22..I weigh about 142..put in a large jens..moved halyard down almost two clips and had about 21" of mast exposed..this really helped me sail upwind with the 190lb guys but I noticed something strange on starboard tack. I could not point near as...
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    Best Outhaul Setup

    Thanks for the does appear they use the purchase system aft of the boom picture shows that he takes the outhaul tail around the mast and then back to the cockpit but another shows him taking it around the mast and then through the halyard fairlead and then back to the...
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    Best Outhaul Setup

    I have noticed that there are a few different ways to set up the outhaul. Some put a purchase aft of the block and then run the line forward around the gooseneck and back to the daggerboard..others set it up with the line going through the boom block and then put a purchase in front of the block...
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    Viewing pictures

    Whenever someones posts a picture on this site all i see is a red x..I can see pictures on other sites and my internet options does allow to show pictures..any idea why i cannot see pictures when someone posts one in the body of their post?
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    Refinishing Wood Rudder

    Thanks for all the suggestions..I will attempt to varnish..just curious to know if the vanished finish is as smooth as the new fiberglass blade?
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    Gelcoat Repair Question

    I just removed my SF cover for the first time this year and realized that I have a pretty bad crack in the gelcoat. It does not appear to be very deep but it is very noticable when you run your hand over it which I am sure is not good for racing. I would like to attempt to repair it myself but...