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    Need Help Identifying Handgrips On Old Style Boat

    Kent, I noticed in your Facebook photo album that you have a aluminum (not plastic) new style rudder cheek that is black. Is it just painted? or some other type of coating? and how does it hold up? I've been thinking about painting mine black as I like the look much better but have reservations...
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    Replacing A Sail (several Questions)

    I am considering replacing the sail on my 84’ Sunfish and am looking for opinions. I sail recreationally and am not concerned with being “class legal”. That said I am not interested in spending $300+ for an official sail. I am considering Neil Pryde sails , FX sails, Kevane sails, APS...
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    That was a good sailing day last spring!
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    Helmsman brand varnish

    I used Helmsman on my Sunfish rudder and dagger board last spring and after one summer of use it has started to peel and chip in places. It didn't really hold up well on the boards at all and I'm going to re-do them this spring with a good marine varnish. I wouldn't recommend Helmsman for...
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    Deck attachments

    I strongly recommend that you do not use 3m 5200. 5200 is such a strong adhesive you will never be able to get the handle off in the future if you need to (if it breaks ect...), If you try to remove it when its held on by 5200 you will do damage to the deck, The screws should be what holds on...
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    Thanks to everyone for the advice, I think I'm just going to keep looking though and hopefully find one.
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    I'm looking for a small trailer for my sunfish. My only real requirement other than being suitable for a sunfish is that it has to be cheap. I'm a high school student and I really don't have much to spend at all. There's really no way I can afford a new trailer and I haven't found anything on...
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    Re-attaching the foam

    I made a similar repair in one of my sunfish. The block on the port side of the bow was loose. I cut a 5" inspection port between the splash rail and daggerboard trunk (a 6" port would have made it eaiser). To rescure the block I first ripped out as much of the old evpanding foam as i could...
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    Just got a sunfish

    The Super Sunfish was an option offered for a few years (late 70's or 80's not sure exactly when). It had a rig similar to a laser and a few extra deck cleats and a traveler in the cockpit. The Super Sunfish is faster than a regular sunfish with a lateen sail.
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    I have a sunfish now what

    The extra cleats on the coaming an in the cockpit of the blue boat are for super sunfish riging. I would assume the extra mast thatyou thought was an upgrade is the super sunfish rig. A super sunfish has a rig similar to a laser instead of a lateen sail.
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    life vests

    The comfortable life vest is not wearing one at all.---------NOT RECOMENDED
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    New Life for SCUD (1968 Sunfish)

    "I also noticed a hole I need to patch. Can you see it between the two inspection ports up high? I think I'll just put a patch on the other side." The hole between the two ports is suposed to be there. Im not sure whats its called but it acts like a vent hole. Think about it if the boat were...
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    Progress Update

    Nice job on the restoration and I think the red deck looks really nice. -Eric
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    Righting Sunfish

    I weigh 140 pounds and have no problem righting my sunfish which is a little overweight. I think that the little bit of extra weight from water in the mast would be insignificant and have no effect. I would guess your problem was that the mainsheet was caught on something and you didnt notice...
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    gooseneck-boom placement

    For a recreational sailor set it about 18 or 20 inches from the front of the boom and leave it. I use a quickrelease on mine so I can adjust it according to wind conditions. Putting the gooseneck futher foward on the boom gives you more power for lighter winds and further back depowers the rig...