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    1996 Laser 2

    Hello guys, I have a 1996 Laser 2 For Sale, bought off the original owner, the person I sailed it with for its whole life. It has 3 sets of sails, one good set of racing sail, 2 practice sets, spinnaker used 5 times. Stored in a heated garage all its life in San Jose, new mast just installed. I...
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    Zhik H1 helmet for Laser sailing?

    I use a helmet when it's over 20 knots, I personally like the ProTec Ace Wake Helmet, due to the shell going lower down on the back of your head. Also the rear head strap is adjustable, and just ways a little bit more than a Forward Wip PROWIP.
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    Right On Trailer

    Hey Kevin Green, I have put a couple thousand miles on my righton trailer over the past couple years. The two suggestions I would give are: solder and shrink tube the trailer wiring, and buy a real bottle of marine bearing grease for the trailer wheel bearings.