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    Gone "Mini-fishing": Today's Catch

    The snubbing hook works remarkably well, but, lacking a cleat, you still have to hand hold the mainsheet. I put TAGs ratchet block and cam cleat under rig on my wife's beach banger(*) Sunfish, and it works fine. Alan Glos * Def: "Beach banger": 1986 decent hull, sits on a remp on the...
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    Gone "Mini-fishing": Today's Catch

    The Minifish spars (mast and booms) are shorter to accommodate the smaller 65 sq. ft. sail, but you can use a Sunfish mast and just adjust the upper boom attachment point a little or rig a Jens rig. The shorter Minifish mast probably balances the rig better. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Minifish Serial Identification

    I vaguely recall that the Hull I.D. number on a Minifish was onthe starboard side of the topsides, near the transom just under the hull/deck joint. If you can find this number, the last few numbers will be the year it was built. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    mainsheet loose between boom pulleys

    I also use duct tape mainsheet hangers like L&VW's, but I use black Gorilla tape as it is more waterproof and lasts several seasons before needing to be replaced. Install two of them spaced between the two blocks to keep the mainsheet close to the boom (and off the back of my PFD when...
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    Weight of boat

    L&VW is correct. A very heavy Sunfish is easier to capsize than a light one. Also, trying to move a waterlogged Sunfish around on shore is a pain. Sunfish used to weigh about 130 - 40 new and now weigh just under 130 lbs. new. Unless you are racing, any boat under 145 usually fine for...
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    First Sunfish. Your thoughts?

    I can sell you a stainess steel gudgeon bracket with mounting screws for $12 + shipping, but e-mail me photos of the transom and aft deck so I can tell you what you need. Alan Glos Cazenovia. NY
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    Beaten up Sunfish

    For $25, you scored a great "parts boat" with gear that is worth somewhere over $350. But the hull may be close to beyond repair. Consider finding a decent Sunfish "hull only", add your rig and go sailing. I would guess that you have about 50 hours of labor to make this hull seaworthy and...
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    Best life jackets?

    I agree with the first post. Go to a good boating store and try some on. It should be snug so it does not ride up when you are in the water but should not overly restrict movement when you are in the boat. Then wear it. If all those duck boat passengers in Branson, MO had been wearing the...
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    Long distance sunfish trip

    Read: This Book is Drunk by Jamie Meadows (sp?) This book tells the tale of sailing a Sunfish singlehanded from Miami, Florida to Boston, Mass. It is a good read, and the author admits (celebrates?) the fact that he was stoned most of the trip and had frequent run-ins with the Coast Guard for...
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    Wanted: Sunfish mast and spars

    RT, I don't make trips to the South at this time of year. I wish I could ship these spars but it costs literally hundreds of dollars. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Wanted: Sunfish mast and spars

    Jay, I am about 2.5 hours drive west of Lake George. Alan Glos
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    Wanted: Sunfish mast and spars

    RT, I have good Sunfish masts for $65 and complete boom sets with gooseneck, blocks and all hardware for $75. But shipping is $very$ expensive so it is pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY just south of Syracuse. If you can arrange pick-up, I am happy to oblige. These are fresh water spars in...
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    Help ID'ing My New 'Fish

    I have all the hardware you need for the new style, post 1972 rudder retrofit (external stainless steel gudgeon bracket with mounting screws, internal aluminum back-up plate, new 4" dia. deck port and even a short piece of aluminum deck/hull trim to fill the gap from the old hardware) for $39 +...
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    Wanted: Sunfish in southwest

    Check out the boat and trailer here on the Forum for sale in Colorado. It looks good and a good value at the asking price. The trailer included goes for about $900 or higher these days. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Help ID'ing My New 'Fish

    ....I give up, why is there a hole in the Alcort builder's plate? Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY