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    Wanted: Sunfish in southwest

    Check out the boat and trailer here on the Forum for sale in Colorado. It looks good and a good value at the asking price. The trailer included goes for about $900 or higher these days. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Help ID'ing My New 'Fish

    ....I give up, why is there a hole in the Alcort builder's plate? Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Help ID'ing My New 'Fish

    I agree with Wavedancer - I think you have a pre-1972 Sunfish hull with a different rudder rig. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Sunfish for Sale - Water Ready

    There may be a fairly easy fix. The tip of the bronze fitting (where you have your finger in the second photo) may be worn and too rounded off and is slipping out of the keel plate fitting when underway. Take a file and "sharpen" the tip a little and it may hold better. Also, make sure that...
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    NEW YORK Sunfish for Sale - Water Ready

    Water Ready Sunfish Sailboat for Sale Hull and rig complete, refurbished and ready to sail. Overall condition very good. Freshwater use only. The hull is a 1979 hull with no structural damage or repairs. Not waterlogged. Bottom has minor scratches consistent with normal use. Mast and booms...
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    New Sunfish owner ... looking for a few pointers

    Bob, Welcome to the Sunfish sailing community! A new class legal sail will cost you $350 to $460 - not worth it unless you you are racing in a Sunfish class sanctioned regatta. The consensus seems to be that the Intensity Sunfish aftermarket sail with a widow is the best value. They...
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    Rudder casting

    Craig Obara (aka: Sailcrafty here on the Forum) had them. Contact him at: Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Any year sunfish to avoid

    1972 was the year that the new style rudder (with the kick up springs on the side of the rudder head) first appeared and the aft cockpit storage compartment first appeared (although some of the 1971 hulls with the old style rudder design also had the storage compartment.) I don't know of any...
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    dark spots on gelcoat

    3-M makes a fiberglass restorer product. It is basically a rubbing compound with some wax. It works well on oxidized and stained gelcoat. Might be worth a try. Also, try some CLR. It is a plumbing product that removes calcium, lime and rust and sometimes removes stains that bleach doesn't...
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    1979 Sunfish restoration

    If you turn the boom around, you may have to re-position the blocks, but that is not a big job. I have a good supply of freshwater Sunfish spars for sale. Masts re $65 ea, and a set of booms with all the hardware is $75. The problem is that these are pick-up only in Cazenovia, NY (20...
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    Moving "up"??

    To be candid, I am not wild about either boat. The Puffer was designed by the late Fred Scott, a designer for Alcort the builder of the Sunfish, so it is not a shock that it used a lot of stock Sunfish parts and gear, but the Puffer simply does not sail all that well, especially up wind. So if...
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    1979 Sunfish restoration

    I have done several mast hole repairs like yours and used a 60 grit drill mounted sanding drum with a 1/4" dia. extension shaft to allow me to sand right down to the bottom edges of the hole. Sand until smooth then lay in fiberglass cloth and the epoxy resin of your choice smoothed out with a...
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    Wanted: Sunfish Hull

    Shipping a 14' hull is going to cost you $megabucks$. Try to find one locally. E-mail Kent Lewis ("Signal Charlie" here on the Sunfish Forum) He lives in Navarre, Florida and can probably help you find a decent hull-only for a reasonable price Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Wanted: Sunfish Hull

    Got one in Upstate NY for $100 OBO but it's a long drive to Texas. Anybody else want it? Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Older Sailfish For Sale

    FYI: You have a Super Sailfish. not a Sunfish. It is in nice shape and well worth your asking price. The extra rudder is a pre-1972 Sunfish rudder, worth about $75. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY