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    Mast snapped - can I use conduit?

    I sell used Sunfish masts for $65 but can't ship them (oversize, very expensive shipping). I am in Upstate NY near Syracuse. If you can arrange pick-up. I am happy to sell you one. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    No such thing as a free boat...

    Nice boat! One point. When you hoist the sail, hoist it all the way so the upper aluminum boom and the top oif the mast just touch. If you don't, the upper boom will flop around while under sail and could damage the boom. You can adjust how high the lower boom is by where you attach the...
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    APS going out of business sale (30% off all)

    Some of you might be old enough to remember that Land's End started out selling high end sailboat hardware, Their yearly catalog was one of the slickest publications ever. Then they added some foul weather gear, some padded hiking shorts and shortly thereafter (like APS) switched to...
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    The tiller bolt ~7-5”. I need one, where to find it and wing nut?

    You can find a brass 1/4" dia,, wingnut at most decent hardware stores. Finding a 7.5" 1/4"dia. bronze carriage bolt is harder. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Slippery gooseneck

    Yes, where the bolt goes through. You want to file on the inside Alan Glos
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    Slippery gooseneck

    Here is an easier solution that I have done several times. Remove the bolt and chuck the gooseneck in a vise. Then file the inside of the "ears" down about 1/8th inch or more so the bolt will compress the goodseneck and make a nice tight fit on the boom. Takes about 15 minutes if you have a...
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    5 Small Holes

    Added: Here is a photo of another Starfish that has the same 5 holes. Picture 417 For Starfish By Filip Manufacturing - ShortyPen Sailboat Guide Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    5 Small Holes

    I agree with Beldar. This was probably a Starfish builder's plate. Dab a little silicon goop over the four outer holes but leave the center hole open so the inner and outer air pressure can equalize as the temp. changes. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    boom replacement / repair?

    Tag is spot on but the damage to your boom is pretty bad and if you do a 180 turn on the boom you will also need to reposition the mainsheet blocks. I sell used Sunfish spar sets: Boom with blocks (no gooseneck) $45; Upper boom: $35 Mast $65. However they are pick-up only as shipping is...
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    Inscribing a Hull Information Number

    I had to engrave a VIN on a homemade trailer once and used a vibrating carbide tipped pen that could engrave the number on the steel trailer frame. This kind of pen would work equally well on a fiberglass transom. I borrowed the pen from the Campus Safety Department of the college where I work...
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    Spring Sunfish Sail Sale

    Update. The Blue and Yellow sail has sold but the Blue and White and the Red and White sails are still available for sale. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Old dog, new tricks

    The small roller works fine on the rounded parts but the tip brush can get into smaller areas without a problem. The main advantage was speed and getting a more even coat without runs or sags. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
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    Old dog, new tricks

    I have been varnishing boat gear (rudders, tillers, daggerboards etc.) for the better part of 60 years, and the drill had always been the same: sand, shape, repair dings, and hand varnish with either a bristle or foam brush, then fine sand/steelwool and re-coat x 3 or 4. This year I had an...
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    Help with tiller extension bolt

    Sailcrafti has the right idea. Pad up the area with some wood shims, put a few drops of penetrating oil in the nut threads, clamp the bolt in place and then gently unscrew the nut. The problem is the carriage bolt is spinning in the square part on the underside of thr rounded bolt head. When...
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    Looking for a Sunfish Centerboard

    Brian, I have two wood Sunfish dagger boards for sale and I can ship UPS quickly. E-mail at: for photos and prices. Alan Glos Cazenovisa, NY