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    Great day sailing in light winds today

    I love your sail color
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    Stern mast crutch

    I would like to add a question to this also. Would the occasional freeway bounce hurt the tiller gungions supporting the mast? I am also looking at making a rear mast support
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    New cruising sails

    Intesity sails. I run a jy15 main withought a boom on light days. A flying junior sail on heavy days or with kids. I just purchased a squaretop for a 420 And it fits just fine. The only thing with using sails cut for other boats is the tack mount. But a little bit of line and thought and...
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    Boomless JY15 sails

    We got this crazy idea to over canvas saterday. We had some bran new jy15 sails from intesity sails. Luff 18.4 and foot 8.3 And the jib want all the way up the forestay. We ran boomless and rigged a 2:1 right of the traveler to the clew . Wind was reported as 5.7 with 7 gust. Mission bay CA. It...
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    Sailing Mission Bay SD

    Took out my brother and his family. I was using my bright red flying junior main. You'll notice when the mast comes out of the water how much smaller it is, she is slower but the reduced sail area makes for relaxed fun. We capsized on purpose to show my brother the ease of righting . Was a good...
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    Considering buying a Capri 14

    Honestly one of the main things to check is the integrity of the fiberglass. Forcefully push down hard on every section of the hull and look for soft spots cracks etc. and then the aluminum, I.e. Mast ,boom, tiller gungions. Inspect the center board as best you can like caprintx says ,make shur...
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    Shroud/spreader attachment?

    Anything will do as long as it's not going to tear you sail when going down wind. Zip ties will work if you don't cut them . When you cut the zip tie you might end up with a sharp end
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    Shroud/spreader attachment?

    I use speaker wire