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    Crack in hull taking in water

    Rough guess would be that you went over some real big bumps with the trailer and it slammed down on the roller. After you fix add more rollers to spread the load.
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    Stepping the mast with roller furling setup

    Not easy to explain but picture this, my trailer has a mast support as seen in the profile pic. I added a eye cleat to the top of it. I stand in the boat and lift slide the mast back till the base sits in it bracket and put in the bolt. My side stays never get removed so the are ready to lift...
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    Looking for advice on a used Capri...

    Gripperone did you see the pictures that someone posted today? A view from inside - Cuddy removed! |
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    Looking for advice on a used Capri...

    Why are there Bullets on the front deck?
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    Looking for advice on a used Capri...

    The mast step bracket should be screwed in so that if a stay wire breaks, the mast step will rip from the deck. Step does not look bent al all from side pressure but it could have been replaced. If bolted, the fiberglass will stress and crack. If no stay wire has never been broken while sailing...
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    Replacing CB gaskets on Omega 14

    I don’t have your answer but remember that water is a lubricant and what might not slide out of the water might slide nicely in the water. Would think the overlap would seal better when board is raised.
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    Looking for cushions for my Capri 14.2

    The perfect solution would be CCushions. Will not absorb water at all. Might cost more than foam covered in Sunbrella but worth it. You just send them a paper template and they make it from that. Good luck Al Click on link below C Cushions - Custom cockpit cushions for boats
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    A ladder installed-with pictures

    Mine was hollow also. Add the access port as shown above so you can fill space.
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    Omega 14 shroud, forestay and halyards

    Can’t address wire size except bigger is better. Just make sure if you have a hank on jib that the Hanks?? fit on the new wire. Take the sail to West Marine and try fitting on their wire. Also at most WM you can make your own wire stays right there. Bring your old for measurements. As to the...
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    New to Sailing, Capri 14.2 rigging help

    We are out here but not in Va. Come to Ct and I will explain how I rigged mine! Sorry no one in your area. Post a pic we will analysis
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    New 14.2 Owner with a couple questions - transom cracks

    Hi HanSolex In the third picture I see more cracks in the fiberglass on the transom. That leads me to believe that the reinforcement wood (if there is some, not sure what Catalina used) is wet and has frozen over the years of winters. Don't know where the boat has been ( north or south) but it...
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    Life line solo sailing

    Looks like you need a sailing buddy. Short of that I would recommend sailing on main only, much less to tend to. Wear life jacket and sail upright if you know what I mean. Can still have a great time sailing with the sail let out so the boat never feels like it is going to go over, let the sheet...
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    Center board bungee

    Wow, good info. If mine was 4'-2" there would be no spring left in the cord! Not being a racer I like some good spring left case I hit bottom on my shallow in areas lake. Happy sailing
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    Center board bungee

    As I said above: "The bungy on mine is ( loose) 6' long including room to make the knots."