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    How to transport tiller & extension on airplane??

    This article suggests using a golf bag: 3 Ways to Fly With a Tiller & Extension - International Sailing Academy Here's a link to a golf bag: Whichever bag you buy, make sure it's long enough for your tiller extension.
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    Laser tactical compass question: 103RE vs CarbonParts

    Does anyone know if this work as a mount for the Carbon Parts compass? Nexus 103RE Racing Compass - Laser Spider Bracket ? Looking at CarbonParts' Facebook page -- Security Check Required -- they have an impressive list of customers: Robert Scheidt, Lijia Xu, Philipp Buhl, and more.
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    Laser tactical compass question: 103RE vs CarbonParts

    Thanks Toshi for kicking off this thread. Would be interesting to know the following: 1) Which compass (if any) did you go with? 2) Are you happy with it? 3) What compass was most popular at the recent Masters Worlds in Mexico? 4) How to mount the compass to the deck? It's unclear from looking...
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    Hi Shaelyn, Here's my two cents. I'd go into the project considering the following, in priority order: Hull. Given that it's 42 years old, it's worth checking if it's leaking. Do a bubble test (, and re-bed any leaking fittings with...