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    Are you looking for parts?
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    Same as mine.
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    Are you aware hardware is nearly unavailable? At least out here. I have it, but have to determine if they are dedicated to boats I own. Wood is no problem. My wooden parts carry a lifetime guarantee.
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    Do you need the rudder hardware as well?
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    I'd be happy to sell you the wooden parts. As a wood shop teacher of 33 yrs, trust me when I tell you mine are better than factory (reinforced). Presently refinishing them. If you're looking for a "deal," I'm not the guy.
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    Needs small amount of work. Been sitting on it too long. 508 428-8943 - Al
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    Puffers & Puffer parts. Cape Cod

    508 428-8943
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    3 Sunfish, 2 Minifish, tons of parts! Cape Cod

    508 428-8943
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    Laser mast on Cape Cod $125.00

    508 428-8943
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    Sunfish parts needed...

    I'm still on Cape Cod with tons of parts 508 428-8943
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    Sunfish Sail Wanted, Must have some Orange in it.

    Al Courtines 508 428-8943
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    Looking to purchase a used sunfish in good shape NC,SC,VA

    I've got 2 on Cape Cod. $1500.00 ea.
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    2, Standard Sailfish sails, red & white, 65 sq ft.

    One is fair, the other is outstanding. Late 60s/70s vintage. RARE!
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    Refinishing all Wood

    Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings makes a 2 part urethane. The system will cost you $100.00, but you'll never need to do it again. Think about your time stripping & sanding. Why not apply the best?