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    Cape Cod

    I'm in Cotuit during the summer. Otherwise Springfield. No computer on the Cape, hence todays message! Al Courtines
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    Launching at the beach

    A waxed hullbottom makes it MUCH easier to drag over the sand!
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    tiller extension question

    Suggest you check my previous posts about a universal swivel bracket.
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    Daggerboard wanted for 73 Sunfish

    Gine me a call. 413 348-1211
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    Trailer for sale

    Where in CT are you? I'm in Springfield.
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    Mast Flotation

    I just repaired a colleagues mast. I glued the end caps in with 5200. There was no cork. He submerged it in Sunapee this past weekend. There were no bubbles!
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    Very early model Super Sailfish

    My friend recently acquired a very early model Super Sailfish which he wishes to sell. I say it's a very early model because of the rudder shape, which is more like an elephants ear than the donkey ear shape I'm most familiar with. It also has a tappered aluminum mast which I'm totally...
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    Wanted: Sailfish hull

    Thanks Herb. You never cease to bring an occasional smile to my face! Not always sure how these comments are received on the other end, especially to to the newbees on this site!
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    is this a goog buy?

    Sounds like a good deal, but I'd wait for the newer style rudder.
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    Wanted: Sailfish hull

    I'd look for a Minifish hull. You'd have more of a boat then, I have one I'm restoring on Cape Cod. Is this near enough?
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    Wanted: Sailfish hull

    You can, you can do anything, right? A call to my cell would be far easier than a lengthy email reply. Al Courtines 413 348-1211
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    are sailfish and sunfish sails the same??

    Fiberglas Sailfish sail is the same as the Sunfish sail. Let's remember the Standard Sailfish (smallest wooden version) had a 65sq ft sail. 10 less than Sunfish. Al Courtines
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    Sunfish Parts Help

    The replacement handles screw pattern is ever so slightly different than the original. Perhaps it's not of significance to you, might you might want to be aware.
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    New tiller extension on old tiller?

    May I suggest the pilot holes you drilled were too large? or perhaps the screw went in parallel to the annual rings, and not at a right angle to them? I'm very rough with mine and I've never had a screww pull out! Al
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    New tiller extension on old tiller?

    Yeah, cut off the old ends to relieve both of this pivit hole. Get a Holt/Allen part# HA 4098 tiller ext. swivel bracket. This modification produced the greatest results for the least amount of effort, of ANY S.F. modification I've ever done. (Well, the gimbel mounted beer holders were a close...