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    Wanted: Mast

    Wanted a mast for a Capri 14.2. Will travel for any reasonable offer. Thanks!
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    Wanted:  Need Mast

    Need mast for 14.2! Located on Eastern Shore, MD. Willing to travel to pick up for right price! Please email:
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    Excellent! I am very interested in the mast. But I have to travel to SC from Ocean City, MD to pick it up. So I need to be sure it is the right mast for my boat. Do you have any pics of the mast? And especially the foot of the mast- I want to be sure it is compatible with my existing...
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    Capri 14.4 parts

    mast Is the mast still available?
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    Need mast- will travel .

    Thanks, Bob. Those are great ideas. Maybe sleeving will work. Will try craigslist too. Andy
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    Need mast- will travel .

    A recent storm blew over my C14.2 while it was on the trailer and bent the mast!:mad: I am willing to travel almost anywhere in the East to replace it. Located in Ocean City, Maryland. Any suggestions where I can find one would be helpful. Thanks!