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    Barrington Regionals

    Hi Jon- I suggest you post this question on the Sunfish Listserve group on Facebook. It is active with New England Sunfish folks. It would be great if you could make it! Andy
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    Ronstan Orbit 55 Auto-Ratchet Block for Mainsheet

    The Ronstan block is a few grams lighter, but the big difference is the auto-ratchet. That is really great to use for racing once you get used to it.
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    Ronstan Orbit 55 Auto-Ratchet Block for Mainsheet

    I am actually using this same exact block, but with the stainless swivel attachment as you describe, and it is great. Top racers use the block with the dyneema strap, and they like that too. You need to attach it to a stainless strap on the deck with smooth edges so you don’t have to worry...
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    Ronstan Orbit 55 Auto-Ratchet Block for Mainsheet

    Perfect mainsheet block for sunfish racing or cruising. Have a look. This is what most of the top Sunfish sailors are using.
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    Dolly or harbor freight trailer

    I use a Seitech dolly, along with nearly everyone who travels and races their Sunfish. It is easy, light and stable. During the frostbite season many of store our boats on our dollies, and there has never been a problem with wind. We only have to worry if the parking lot floods. I tie my...
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    Daggerboard trunk padding

    Many of us use stick on velcro. You can get 3/4" wide strips at a hardware store and cut a length for front and back of the trunk. Just use the soft side of the velcro, and then just lay it in and use some sort for dowel to press it into place. I would recommend to not use 4200 or 5200 to...
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    Custom Daggerboard

    You can get a brand new FRP board from Intensity Sails for $170. It is not class legal for racing, but mirrors the current class legal board.
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    Block Question

    That is the Harken 019. The spring holds the block up so that there is a good angle to the block on the boom, and the block spins freely when it needs to. That block and setup is common, and works well.
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    Rudder Springs

    I tie a small diameter, 2'+ length of line (like what you use for sail ties 1/16") to one of eyes, and pull.
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    North Race Sail For Sale

    Sorry. The sail has been sold. I do, however, travel to the Netherlands on business often.
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    North Race Sail For Sale

    I am selling my North Race Sail that is in Excellent condition. Please see my Ebay listing if interested.
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    Bailer installation...doesn't look right

    Use a marine sealant as you describe. With the o-ring, there is no way to get it perfectly flush.
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    Video Words of Wisdom from Barrington Frostbite Ace Andy David

    Exactly. And if you tack then, you end up doing a 180 degree turn in dead air. I also find in Barrington in a light Westerly that the puffs don't move so fast. So if you do come into breeze with a header, you have to dig in a little. If you tack right away, you might miss the meat of the...
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    Video Words of Wisdom from Barrington Frostbite Ace Andy David

    I almost never start on port tack. That was a fun thing to do in junior sailing, but it rarely works in the real world. I set up on port tack coming in from the left of the line. My options stay open as to whether I can tack under the first guy, or find another spot. If there were no...
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    racing with #2 REEF

    Hi Odie- Great system. I know that there has been talk of this in the past, and not sure if it truly legal under class rules. I think that you can either have an adjustable cunningham or uphaul, but not both. If there is an interpretation that allows both, I am all for it! Andy