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    1976 Sunfish Rigged as a Super Sunfish

    Where is this located?
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    Sunfish in Northwest

    Looking for an affordable Sunfish in the NW, preferably Oregon (I'm in Eugene). Under $300, I've seen many on Craigslist for $200/250 so this isn't out of the question as far as I'm concerned. Would like to have money left over for a trailer. Doesn't have to be in good shape, just sailable and...
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    First Boat: Sunfish vs. Laser

    As the title says. In college in Oregon and wanting to spend $300 or less on a boat for the summer. Plenty of sunfish and lasers for this price on CL out here. Nothing fancy, just something fun. Used to sail awhile back at summer camp growing up on Sunfish, Americans, Vanguards, Hunters, Classic...