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    J24 Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnakers

    Can you send photos of the kite if available still? Thanks!
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    WTB J/24 Trailer

    Looking for a new or used J/24 trailer. Very interested buyer! Contact Kenny @808-220-4018
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    Used Sails

    Can you post pics for the 2007 and 2008 Pentax Genoa's?
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    3DL Genny

    Still Available??
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    Wanted: J/24 racing Main and Genoa Oahu, Hawaii

    Aloha, Looking for some used racing sails (main and Genoa).
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    J/24 North Sails MainSail Fathead

    How much?
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    Used sails

    Do you still have the genoa available?
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    Looking for a used genoa

    Aloha, Looking for a used genoa.