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    dinghy hiking/trap boot size help please

    When wearing a drysuit, I wear a normal everyday sock then my drysuit and a very thin outer skin sock on the outside to save wear. It also assists getting the boot on and off. The outer sock I wear is a Gill spandex style one ( other makes are available ) Or a ladies stocking style sock...
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    Bloody Books!

    Paul, have you had a trip up to Crosby yet ? We had a couple of the West Lancs lasers down last weekend.
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    New to Lasers

    Paul, if you are looking for a winter location. Try Crosby SC just north of Liverpool Docks. Small friendly club on 24 hectare sea water fed lake. Autumn series end of Oct to Xmas, then Frostbite Jan - early April. To add spice, there will be pursuit racing last sunday of each month. Well...
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    question for guys who do a lot of frostbiting

    Jack, just a thought for you. Try Crosby SC over the other side of the Mersey. We normally have about 6 - 10 lasers out racing, hoping for a few more vistors over the winter. Sail on sea water filled lake so it doesn't freeze over like most did last winter. L & L only sailed 3 weekends out of...
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    Value of a used 4.7

    Have a lok at the UK laser website, the adverts for 4.7 rigs seem quite high. Otherwise watch a few on Ebay they make some serious money.
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    Active laser fleets in Devon UK?

    If you want a well priced nearly new boat, try Pete Vincent or Ian Jubb at . Both are linked to each other. Pete did me a great price when I bought 2 a few months ago.
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    My season is over...

    Abersoch racing season is now over.................but now to home club at Crosby SC on the banks of the River Mersey near Liverpool. A brand new club house to be opened in the next few weeks. Only spend £9.5 million building it !!! anyone wants to come down and sail over winter, very welcome...
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    Prevent Turning Turtle

    Have you checked that the top section does not have water in !!!! I had a top section that took water in. It makes a lot of difference. Our scout club had an RS Feva which when put on the water, with no sails up, capsised on its own. We found that the top section had lots of mud and water in...
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    Anyone try the new SEA waistloc hikers yet?

    My son has got a pair of SEA waist high hikers, without the shoulder straps.They have wide velcro straps around the waist. He thinks they are great. They are a couple of years old now, but still going strong. Good bit of kit !!!
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    Ratchet switch

    I've got one on my boat 189405 and son has one on his 189464, ours seem to work okay. When I've had trouble with ratchet blocks I've found a good wash in freash water cleans all the rubbish out. We probably got them from the same person near Bristol ?
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    which retailer?

    Check out purple marine, they are doing good laser parts prices.:rolleyes:
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    sail shop in England

    Take a look at the website for deals on gear and sails. They have a new store at Datchet water also.
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    Winter Sailing Gloves

    Have a look at sealskinz gloves , They are waterproofnand breathable. I got a pair for Xmas and the socks, I've worn them for everything except sailing yet. Didn't feel the cold or damp when taking the ice off covers the other weekend. Get them on most online shops now purple etc. I didn't...
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    Laser II Assy?

    Take a look at the Laser 3000, that is a laser ll with slightly different deck moulding and A kite. Son thinks they are brilliant.
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    Rooster or new Laser XD tiller

    Better a bad day sailing in Abersoch than any day at work ! :)