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    1971 amf alcort sunfish forsale

    north dallas, texas usa.. zip 75068 to be exact.
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    1971 amf alcort sunfish forsale

    lets make the price $300 for a quick sale. :eek:
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    1971 amf alcort sunfish forsale

    boat is a 1970.. forgot the year..
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    1971 amf alcort sunfish forsale

    sailboat is in very good shape and has been well taken care for. I've put over 30 hours of labor and about $700 into it, i have most receipts. I am moving to mexico and it is time for me to pass er onto someone else.. :( This boat new would cost about $4k.. pictures on photobucket...
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    Who all sails 420's?

    i love 420. :D
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    free music mixes i made, check it

    new mix up, a cinematic piece, a neo classical work in progress.. i think this might be more your style.. listen or download. bendiciones~
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    Daggerboard trunk leak

    愛と平和 i posted the thread below a few weeks back. i don't know if it would work in your situation, as my trunk did not leak, i merely reconditioned it for future's sake.
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    big love

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    Pulley uptop the mast??

    wayne mentioned it would be useless in the event of a capsize.. true. -unless you managed to screw the mast inplace somehow to avoid losing it, since that setup has no way to secure the halyard onto the boat in the event of a capsize..
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    Pulley uptop the mast??

    i was asking about it being attached to the bottom of the mast not the top.. ;)
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    Pulley uptop the mast??

    one can easily install a horn cleat in order to prevent that from happening, and not way out front where you can't reach it, but back by the tub, where one can easily untie the knot and lower the sail without having to climb onto the deck and trying to wrangle the halyard, while trying not to...
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    May peace be upon you all-
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    re beat this-

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    re beat this-

    i win.. i tried, but i just can't sit on the side line any longer! RAwr
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    please pick up, please kick up

    here is the movie trailer..